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Beta Osteopathy

24 Silk Mill Business Park, Brook Street,Tring, Herts, HP23 5EF


Onsite Parking is available, please park in the designated visitors spaces (marked with a "P") to the left or right of the entrance. Make your way over to these doors; Beta Osteopathy is on the intercom, buzz and when let in, take the lift or stairs to the first floor and take a seat.

OR Text/Call: 07813 200686

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It is likely that you will be asked to dress down and perform various movements for examination so please wear comfortable/suitable undergarments, shorts or leggings.

Data protection and the storing of patient notes:

Following new Osteopathic best practice guidelines, patient records can only be kept for 8 years following your last treatment and children’s records until the child reaches 25 years of age. If you have not attended for over 8 years you will need to fill in a new patient questionnaire as your original notes will have been destroyed.Patient files are only seen by relevant healthcare professionals in relation to your treatment. Mobile numbers will only be used to send appointment reminders and to update you on clinic changes.

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